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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Monday, 12 September 2011

Sharm El Sheikh Day 1

First Dive:
Location: Sharks’ Bay
32% O2 Nitrox at 200 Bar (Though I think my SPG is bust as it reads 210 for every full cylinder…)
MOD: 33.75
Max Depth 30.5, Dive Time 53 minutes
EAD: 24.4m for 53 Mins (PPO2=1.28) O2 Exposure 30%

We saw a couple of cool things, like this Giant Moray Eel;

And this Blue Spotted Ray (BSR) feeding in the sand:

After a surface interval of 2hours 24 minutes we headed back in for the 2nd dive, in Sharks’ Bay.
Second Dive:
Location: Sharks’ Bay
30% Nitrox (I know… I know… Smack on the wrists for me… But we didnt get the gas prior to the first dive)
MOD: 36.6m
Max Depth: 14.6m, Dive Time 54 minutes
EAD: 11.79m for 54 minutes (PPO2 = 0.78) O2 exposure for this dive: 15%, total for the day: 45%

Saw a cool Networked Pipefish:

And took a nice shot of the sun, casting nice rays in the water:

MRSA Even came along for this dive:

And I discovered there is a bit of grease or something under the lens cap of my dive camera, so after a certain number of turning it off and on again, it puts an annoying blur in the centre of the pictures… Not entirely sure how to get rid of it….

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