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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Saturday, 24 October 2009

My dive 09 tickets!

Yay, my dive 09 tickets.

This is not a good time to be awake!

So, i begin my journey to Birmingham. Had to get up at an ungodly hour...
Anyway. Continuing on, i managed to get on the wrong train in Cardiff, and I'm not sure where I'm headed... We shall see

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tickets for DIVE 2009!


Well, I can’t back down now! I’ve just spent £48 on my rail tickets to Birmingham International for Dive 2009 at the NEC. Wooo!

Really looking forward to it now, even if I have waaay too much work to do

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Completed Call of Duty 5… again


Well… instead of working I was doing something much more productive… playing Call of Duty 5. Completed it 2nd time now. This time was to get all the Death Cards… I missed 2… diamn!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Dive 2009… I hope I can make it!

Well, its nearly that time of the year when Dive 2009 comes to Birmingham NEC. Basically this is what its riding on:
My Student loan, I applied for my loan in May 2009, and received nothing back from the Student Loan Company, I rang them in September and asked “WTF?”  and was told it was being processed.. would be with me shortly… But nothing yet… So, I received my cheque from Botton Village, as usual, which is currently clearing.
Hopefully the Botton cheque will be cleared by Thursday…. meaning I’ll be able to buy my train ticket and go to DIVE!
Watch this space!

Monday, 19 October 2009

To Egypt and beyond... well, just to Egypt.. then back again

After a couple months on the Farm, I headed, with the Dive Club "Calypso Diving" to the Red Sea. Instead of Marsa Alam last year, we headed to Sharm El Sheikh. Que one week of great diving, ending in me getting ill....Xenia faraunensis-1
(Left) Xernia faraunensis, also known as the Pulsating Coral Polyp. One of my favourite photographs from the trip. For more, click the image.. should lead you to my Flickr profile....

Well, after Egypt I returned home for a week to work on the farm again, but I dont think I did seeing as I was still ill from Egypt... dodgy pizza I think... tasted like toilet cleaner... niiice......
Well, after the week it was RTB for some more R&R in Trefforest with Dragon 8. And that pretty much brings you up to speed... I'm back in Wales.. back on the course... funky dory....

Summer 2009 continued

This is the continuation of Summer 09, since the other one was getting a bit full!
I'll finish summing up South Africa with a picture of my reaction to my 150-500mm lens breaking, credits go to Briony Taylor for the picture:

Well, moving on from that... I returned up to Yorkshire to work on the farm. My "mission" there was producing plans for a chicken coop.
Other farming work included driving around in 4x4s, tractors and other assorted vehicles, weeding carrots, hay making, and stacking huge numbers of bales... urgh!
Good fun though

Back after a bit.

Well, its been a while since i made any sort of entry here. Just rediscovered SWAT4. Awesome game, hopefully i,ll be able to get the band back together.

In other news... the work situation is back to being scarily familiar... 7 pieces of coursework on the go...

Well, this post is dedicated to the summer of 2009.
Starting from the beginning.... The summer of 09 began badly, with end of year exams, never a good end to any year. However, things just went uphill from there (to be fair it was hard for them to go down after exams... meh). Team 1 of IWB, including myself, left the chilly UK for warmer climes in South Africa for our SA Field Trip. This could take up a whole blog on its own... so I'll cut it short... It was great, got lots of good pictures like this one (Left).A Zebra Jumping Spider. If you see the enlarged version you can make out the huge eyes. (Below, Left) you can see an Egg Eater, its similar to the Night Adder, but has no teeth and is not poisonous. However it mimics its behaviour superbly, making little mock attacks to warn off any would be predators.