Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT

Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
Legacy Pack available under the YSFLIGHT category.
Any individual requests for a model must be made to my email address, see bottom of the page..

Skipper's Mods

This is copied straight from my old site, so the formatting is weird.
S2c 1 Year Anniversary Aircraft
 S2c Pitts Special. 
This plane is to celebrate my 1 year at Its paint scheme was represented at the time of the squads i was in. For example, on the body there is the SAR squad logo and colours. The tail fin has the YGL Stellar logo. And the wings has the 241st colours and logo. Just below the cockpit is my signature and then there are sites on it as well.

2 Seater Spitfire

Based on the double seater spitfire PT462. Has a very poor representation of a welsh flag on the tail. As suggested by the name, it has 2 seats. 

22nd Pack

This is a A10 from the 22nd Pack. The rest have a similar paint scheme to this. 22nd was a LAN squad, it never really took off (pun not intended) and in the end was scratched. 

A-37 Dragonfly (Discontinued project/Abandoned)

This is a bit of an abandoned plane. It started out strong, but then i dropped it. (Skyline model)

C-2 Gray hound

Another slightly abandoned project. It needs its body widening. But apart from that its fine.

SA-315 Lama- Air Glaciers

I'm not sure why I created this paint. I guess I just liked the original plane.

AWACS Spitfire (this is dumb)

Okay, let me tell you the story behind this. I made this in the golden years of YSP, when Hana was producing large quantities of aircraft for her VFX pack. Well, Hana and I were talking over msn, sharing pictures of the planes we were working on. So, she sends me a picture of this nice looking tomcat with a rotodome on top. I was working primeraly with spitfires at that time, so jokingly i said it'd be a laugh to fit a rotodome to a spitfire. She said go for it, and this was the result. (By the way, i have updated the colouring of the dome since the origional model.)

B-25 (Fixed)

This is a fix of a B-25 I found in WW2 pack. I basically tidied up the normals and fixed some other parts of it.  The original model is from Historical Pack. And I made 3 modifications of the B-25A, the night fighter version, shown, a plain fix and a crashed version with smashed engine and propeller. (I don't know why, i was bored :-))

The Blades Extra 300. (Approved by 2Excel Aviation)

This model was approved by 2Excel Aviation (the operators of The Blades demo team) back in 2005, but I never got around to releasing the model.

Blue Islands Jetstream 31

I'm not sure how or why, but this aircraft became one of my favourite repaints I've made, its not detailed, or a very good paint, but I just like it somehow. The Blue Islands BAe JetStream 31.

BN-2A Islander

Another one of my favourites. The Britton Norman BN-2A Islander. I made 5 versions: Blue Islands, Camouflage, BN-2A Defender, Aurigny Air Service, and a miniature RC version. 

DH82 Tiger moth (3 Variants)

There are 3 variants of the Tigermoth.
1: Camouflage version (shown)
2: Civilian version
3: Saloha version

English Electric Canberra

English Electric Canberra.. what more do I need to say? This model is based on one I saw at Elvington Airshow 06.

Chinook Pack (13 Variants)

 The Chinook pack contains 13 variants: Cargo, Basic, Attack, Camo, carrying UH-60 (241st), carrying A-7, Demo (pictured), pink, spec-ops, futuristic, civilian, Christmas Special and SAR.


My chipmunk pack, it was never officially released, so, here it is, the Chipmunk. comes in 6 versions: 1 Army, 1 civilian, 3 RAF, and one SD.

CVT Airlines

Not sure with this one really, was just a random project, contains 2 birds, a JetStream and a A330.

DC-3 Improved (2 versions)

2 versions, civilian Dakota and RAF D-Day paint.

F-15Ezzay yea! (ma hoes version)

This is my contribution to the pimp pack of back in the day. 
My other ride is your mum.

SA-341 Gazelle (3 Variants)

The SA-341 Gazelle (Skyline mesh)
3 variants: Royal Army, Cow, and a civilian owned.

George "Grumpy" Unwin

Memorial plane to George "Grumpy" Unwin, who died 28th June 2006. "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story"


You don't see nothing, you don't feel nothing, and above all, you don't say nothing.  The Haveblue, a modified F-117 from Dreamland? 
Its not there honest.... 

Hawker Hunter (Blue Diamonds)

The Blue Diamonds version of the Hawker Hunter. 

Kenyan Airforce MD500

Kenyan Airforce MD500.
(From my trip to Kenya Summer 07)

Kenyan Airforce BAe Hawk

Kenyan Airforce Hawk. From the same trip.

KLM UK pack (3 Variants)

My KLM Pack (original models by Welnio and Skyline) Contains 3 variants, ATR 42 and 72, and low res Fokker 50.

English Electric Lightning F.6 XS903

My modification of Oranleed's EE Lightning F.6 to be XS903. I liked the tail image. 
(my favourite plane, in case you were wondering)


F-15D i painted and modified for NAFC (North American Fighter Command)

Spitfire NightFighter

Spitfire Nightfighter. Inspired by reading a book on the RAF's 92nd Squadron.


Has to be one of my favourite mods i've made. The RAF nimrod. Enjoy!

Airforce One

A very quick Air Force One. 
There was a better one made shortly after, and it was 2ch.

Spitfire with Floats

Spitfire with Floats. From the golden years of YSP.

RAF Test

Contains 5 aircraft. (Bucc mesh by Skyline) From the RAF test and evaluation squadron.

Tigermeet Cessna

My tigermeet Cessna, quite random...

Westland Sea King

My RAF Seaking. From 202nd Squadron Search and Rescue.

WTD-61 F-4

A GAF F-4 Phantom in a cool paint scheme, I just had to make it!

X-15A2 (Droptank and non Droptank versions)

These were well awaited for a very long time, then, when they came out there was a bit of an anticlimax. Features drop tank version and non drop tank version. Good luck stopping it too...

B-52 Mothership

The B-52 Mothership, with X-15 attached. Very large file size, just to be aware.....

YSPPP (YS Pilots Podcast Pack)

Ah, the iPlanes.. from ye olde YSP Podcasts.

need I say more?

BO-105 (8 Variants)

Mig Killa and my Bo-105 pack. 
Contains 8 models:
Base model, Chillian AF (Mig's), a bee, heli-transair, Heliwork, Phi, police ambulance, and trinity air (shown)

Blue Eagles

The old Blue Eagles aircraft. Featuring Skipper and ETNU's  personal birds, and a camo Lynx.

V-22 (3 variants)

Th V-22s... Left out of the original pack. Now back in 3 variants
1: CV-22
2: MV-22
3: SHV-22 241st version

B29 AWACS (now this is just getting silly)

Ah.. another AWACS...
B-29 SuperEye...

DHC-6 Paint

A repaint of Welnio's DHC-6.
A pretty simple repaint

IFR Trainer (Modified Cessna)

Nothing special in looks. But step inside and press bomb bay door, and a black screen comes down. You now have to rely on your instruments to make any flying done. IFR Trainer.

Kenya Airways 737

Another one from my Kenya Holiday.
Checkout the flag btw...

Vulcan (AntiFlash)

Antiflash version of the Vulcan. This was designed as a nuclear weapon carrying platform and the anti flash surface would stop the aircrew and aircraft getting fried. Credits to Cleared 4 Takeoff
New one made by Lord Flash.

Custom F-5E

This is a custom paint of an F-5E with a dragon on the tail. The text on the cockpit says Flt.Lt Immi.

Skipper's Hercules C.3

This is my custom Hercules C.3 with my Eagle insignia.  A simple repaint  of the 2ch Hercules

New 22nd Aircraft

Some new 22nd members so some new 22nd aircraft. All 3 F-15s. Each with our logos. 
Now contains custom spitfires in the same paint schemes 

92nd Squadron Spitfire Mk Vb Geoffrey Wellum.

This is a historic aircraft belonging to Flt.Lt Geoffrey Wellum of the Royal Air Force. He was based at RAF Biggin Hill. Read his book "First Light" available from all good book shops.
Go.. buy it now..

For a large version of this image, ||CLICK HERE||

 72nd Squadron Spitfire Mk9 RAF Biggin Hill

This is the spitfire from 72nd Squadron, also based at RAF Biggin Hill. This is the later model spitfire, the Mk9. This spitfire was issued to the 72nd squadron before they were posted to Malta. However this is the paint scheme used at Biggin Hill before they were shipped. 

Other Squadron Spitfires in this pack:
19 Squadron
41 Squadron
72 Squadron
92 Squadron
93 Squadron
134 Squadron
152 Squadron
222 Squadron

No 1401 Luftwaffe Spitfire Mk9

This is the Luftwaffe spitfire. It was nicked by the Nazis and painted in their colours and used for testing and training purposes.

RAF DH Mosquito B MkIV

A DH Mosquito.. My version..
Will write more later
Credits to TMP.

I started a 2ch style one, but never finished

Hazard Pack

The ATC Hazard Pack. Contains birds and clouds

Nimrod's weapons

Weapons for the Nimrod. Harpoon Anti-Shipping missile and Stingray torpedo.

Credits for models:
Oranleed, CEP, KZS, 2CH, Skyline, Welnio, SAP, Jin6,

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