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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

In North Wales

So, after a 5 or so hour drive from Yorkshire, I arrived in Bangor. My house is pretty nice, with a view of a hedge out of the front window, and the sea from the two side windows, though when I arrived it was foggy and raining and I couldn’t really see anything.

I took a trip up to Snowdonia National Park in the afternoon, and went over the Llanberis Pass,  (Where I think Dr Tim Johnson did some work with a drainage channel allowing fish to migrate through this pass they built… Not sure… ) IMAG0258

Anyways, it’s pretty spectacular up there, but chances are, when I start my course I’ll be pretty full on and not have the time, or ability to get back up there with my bike, or by foot…


It’s all very pretty up there, so I’ll try and go back up tomorrow on my way back to Yorkshire.

Although the area here is really nice, I do miss Yorkshire already, and instead of going home on Friday as I was supposed to, I’m going to head back on the Thursday. IMAG0254

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