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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Monday, 6 May 2013

Final Steps

So, the final steps are to grass seed on top of the barley. This is done with a similar seed drill, but without the “drill” part.




Broom! Broom!


The grass is seeded twice over, once up and down like the barley, then side to side to ensure a complete covering of grass. The side to side is bumpy as hell as you’re going through all the wheelings from before… Waaa!

After this the grass seed is rolled in with a Cambridge Roller, which is a bit lighter than the heavy roller.

20h that took me…

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Field Work Continues

So, today I had to roll in the Barley I’d seeded yesterday. This is done with a heavy rollerDSCF0574

This roller makes a hell of a noise moving it on the road!


Almost there! You can see the turning pattern at the bottom, where you turn over the previous row and end up with a bit missing which you get the next time when you go over the previous row again.


My Ipod got incredibly dusty!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

What a full day!

Good things come to those who wait… Apparently. Well, I was hoping for some serious tractor work, and today I got my wish.
The morning began as per usual, image
Made Pikachu a nappy,
fed some animals
drank tea.
Then I went to Honey Bee Nest and got the seed drill….image
Good old fashioned technology! The seed drills:
My…. almost straight lines… The bit on the right is drilled, the bit on the left is still to be done:
So I finished the field at about 8:30pm and went home and had supper. Smile
Actually it wasn't even that much time, at about 9 I got a call that one of Botton Farm’s sheep was lambing, and since the farmer was on holiday….
Ah…. Well, the first one was incredibly weak and didn’t make it, despite me stomach tubing it with colostrum…. The 2nd was fine… So I took them both into the barn and then was told there was another lamb wondering around in the field….
Sure enough there was a new, wet lamb…There was a sheep seemingly claiming responsibility for the lamb, but she had 2 old lambs already, and I’ve not heard of any sheep having a 3rd lamb so far after…. I brought her and the 3 lambs into the barn and she was determined that this little one was hers… But when I put it with the first mum, she started licking it, so it must’ve been hers!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Baby Piggies

Our pigs all have rather weird names. We’ve got 2 who have the names of where they come from, Larchfield and High Farm, then we’ve got James the Boar, Francesca. And recently, 3 that went to the land where the grass is always green and the sun always shines, Foxy, Moxxi and Roxi. (They fetched us a good price deadweight)

Francesca just pigged the other day, that is to say, she had piglets. DSCF0499

There is 8 in total, 1 is hiding somewhere in this photograph…Or he could be underneath…. DSCF0505


And one of Pikachu the pet lamb….