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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sharm el Sheikh Day 4

First Dive:
Location: Shark’s Bay

32% O2 Nitrox at 200 Bar
MOD: 33.75m
Max Depth 29.6m, Dive Time 36 minutes
EAD: 24m for 36 mins (PPO2=1.26) O2 Exposure 20%


First dive I lead, though not especially well. I didn’t really plan the dive, and just dived it on a computer. However, it turns out it was okay, and the wheel confirms it. We descended down to ≈30m. For the table I set our dive time to 16mins (Max time is 20minutes at 30m). We then ascended up to 20m for 8 minutes, then up to 10m for the last 12 minutes. I came out with 100 bar, but my buddy was getting a little anxious and came out with 60 bar, we could’ve managed an extra 10 minutes or so, but no matter.


WE SAW AN EAGLE RAY! VERY VERY COOL! Sorry, I was a little excited. I made little squeaking noises in my regulator.

Second Dive:
Location: Sharks’ Bay
31% O2 Nitrox at 200 Bar
MOD: 35.1
Max Depth 17.4m, Dive Time 45 minutes
EAD: 13.8m for 45 mins (PPO2= 0.84) O2 Exposure 35% Total


Out at 100 bar again! Woo love it.

Didn't take any pictures on this dive, not sure why.

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