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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Saturday, 16 August 2008

1 Day to go

Just 1 day remains before I ship out to Cyprus. I will be staying in Paphos with 4 adults with learning disabilities, along with my mother, Adrian Large (a friend of the Family), and our hosts, Nigel and Linda, who run a holiday for Adults with Learning disabilities and their carers. I'm hoping to get some diving done while im there! I spent the day doing very little, looking though some photo albums and scanning some "Old Skool" pictures. Such as the one to the right.. How cute is that? It looks like a junior S.T.A.L.K.E.R.! Thats me btw :-)
Ah, well, as fun as sorting though the photo albums was, i got quite bord of that, moved on to packing my bag for tomorrow.
One thing i'm slightly confused about is how your meant to take an external HD on an aircraft... well, without loosing everything and/or destroying the Hard Drive. I've packed mine up with 2 bubble wrap envelopes, and some t-shirts, hope thats enough.. but you know how rough baggage handlers are... In both senses of the word.
I was contemplating doing a Vlog as well for this holiday... still not sure if I will or not... I guess it'd be quite cool.
For my plane journy tomorrow i've got the best little mouse ever, check this out:How cute is that?!
I'm also having a battle with myself over the best format for taking pictures in. Common sense tells me Jpeg is fine for all my needs, but everyone else says "Your Nikon takes Raw, save it as a RAW!"
So.. at the minute i'm doing duel, so it saves both RAW and Jpeg Basic, so a lower quality jpeg, and the RAW...... I guess it'll do for both holiday snaps and better images.
Right, i'm gonna go continue with my packing.
Skipper Out.