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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fitting a DCC decoder to an Arnold 2242 Chassis

So, I’ve got an Arnold 2242 Chassis under a Five79 Quarry Hunslet body,

(See here: RC-4) and I want to convert it to DCC control, so.. Here goes.

What I’ve got is a LokPilot V4.0 Micro (Which I got from ebay), and my Arnold 2242 chassis. So. Lets begin.


Once the body is removed, make sure the two contacts (Marked above) are straightened out (And ensure the motor is insulated from the)


Then, solder the red and black wires onto the bronze contacts. They should go on pretty easily, and as long as you dont hang about with the soldering iron, it’ll be reet!

Will look like this:


The orange and grey wires from the decoder are the next, and these need to be soldered onto the motor contacts.


This is how they should look after being soldered on.

Watch out on this bit. This part of the motor is made of plastic! You’ll need to be very quick with the soldering iron to make sure you don’t melt it!

That’s pretty much it! I routed the wires under the motor, and secured them in place with regular PVA glue in case I need to get them out again.


These can then be routed up into the cab, where I’ve got the decoder.


The only down side of this is that the cab looks like a rats nest…. But hey! It somehow works!

At the moment I dont have my DCC controller, so I’m unable to test it.