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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Friday, 16 September 2011

Sharm el Sheikh Day 5

First Dive:
Location:  Jackfish Ally

32% O2 Nitrox at 200 Bar
MOD: 33.75m
Max Depth 18.3m, Dive Time 71 minutes
EAD: 14.35m for 36 mins (PPO2=0.90) O2 Exposure 20%


Excellent dive.


Love the swim through at the beginning. It then flattens out to a decent reef, with some lush corals:


I love this coral, it’s a Carnation Coral. Dendronephthya spp.


Oops I just pood out a broccoli coral.

Second Dive:
Location: Ras Ghazalani

32% O2 Nitrox at 200 Bar
MOD: 33.75
Max Depth 18m , Dive Time 43minutes
EAD: 14.1m for 46 Mins (PPO2= 0.896) O2 Exposure 35% Total


Another nice, relaxing dive.DSCF3708

Not much to say about this one. Was nice, relaxing, shallow, but good! But coming out with 100 bar is getting old.


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