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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to Yorkshire

So, today I headed back up to Yorkshire. I was due to stay until tomorrow, and use this day to orient myself around the area while i still had the car. But I was feeling homesick already and decided that I'd just ship out.
But, I did take one last tour up through Llanberis, through the Llanberis Pass to Nant Peris

^^ The view up the valley to the Llanberis Pass

An old Slate mine overlooking Llanberis, inside is a Hydroelectric Power Station, called Electric Mountain, which sounds amusing in a North Wales accent... Eletrrrik Mmmounten!

^^ Another view up the Llanberis Pass

^^ Some moorland! On the way to Capel Curig

^^ Clouds! And more Clouds

After Nant Peris I headed towards Capel Curig, and from there to Betws-y-Coed. From here I got a little bit lost as I was relying on my GPS kicking in at this point, but it failed to do so, so I ended up VFRing it to Denbigh.  (That's Visual Flight Rules.. It's an aviation term, but it translates easily enough to going by eye)
And from there it was back towards Liverpool, Manchester and the big motorways... where I was very naughty and snapped a picture, unless you're the police, in which someone else took it.

So glad to be home! Went and stared at cows for a bit, and begun packing for Egypt!

Egypt here I come!

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