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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sharm el Sheikh Day 6: Last day

Location: Shark’s Bay

32% O2 Nitrox at 200 Bar

MOD: 33.75m

Max Depth 29.7m, Dive Time 63 minutes
EAD: 24.1m for 63 Mins (PPO2=1.27) O2 Exposure 35%

This was a totally planned dive. From the start to finish we planned the dive, then dived the plan, using the wheel.

image This was the plan.

Drop down to 30m, our max time here was 20 minutes, We planned for 15. After this we ascend to 20m, where our maximum time is 15 minutes, with a planned time of 12 minutes. Then we ascend up to 12m to use the remainder of our gas, maximum time 55 minutes.


This was then converted to use 32% Nitrox, giving us greater maximum times. This was done simply for safety, we’re still diving to Air times, but the Nitrox gives us an extra margin of safety. Then we dived what we’d planned.


This was the actual dive profile, with nitrox pressure groups, not bad eh?





Overall a very good dive, did enjoy the technical side of it.


Naw, sweet puffer fish.


An urchin with a polychetae fan worm.

Our last dive, back to sunny England, and my Masters degree Sad smile

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