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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Friday, 2 September 2011


The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain… But in Botton it falls everywhere….


An idea of mine was to create a biogas digester. I did make one a few years ago, in an old 50 gallon oil drum. But there was only 2 little tiny holes in the lid. Since I was fuelling it with cow manure, the 2 little holes made it very difficult to load, and impossible to unload.

It lasted for a couple of weeks, producing quite a bit of gas, but a lot of a very stinky liquid that we gave a rather inappropriate nick name. Since then I’ve been interested in trying to create a reusable biogas digester. This 55Gal/220L blue plastic barrel seemed ideal as the large lid, and sealable top made unloading and loading it easy.

The idea was to drill a hole in the lid, fit it with a pipe, and attach a hose to that pipe. This would then go to fill a reservoir, which would likely be an upturned barrel or something placed in water, so as the barrel filled up with gas, the water would be pushed out.

The only problem is that I’ve sort of run out of time. I only just got the barrel out of the skip the otherday, and I’m leaving Botton on the Wednesday (The 7th September 2011), so this project will have to be scrapped until I’ve completed my masters degree… Roll on MSc Marine Biology!

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