Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT

Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Dinorwic Office Building scale drawing

Here is my second drawing. It is an office on Australia Level in Dinorwic quarry. The internal wall has a large opening, possibly for a counter or similar. Walls are slate slabs, similar to other buildings, but rendered over the top.


^ My interpretation



Pete Wilson’s original drawings ^


==-- Download Drawing Here (PDF)--==

Monday, 23 June 2014

Dinorwic Slate Quarry Scale Drawings- #3 Penrhydd Bach Locomotive Shed

Here is my 2nd attempt at a scale drawing. This is for the shed Penrhydd Bach in Dinorwic Quarry. This shed housed the Quarry Hunslet locomotive called “Holy War” for a time.
This isn’t totally finished, as there is in fact a store house that was built later on behind the locomotive shed, which can be seen here.
The measurements I’ve used are from Pete Wilson, and are from April 1987DSC_7100
These are his original designs that he so kind to copy for me.
^ Preview…
This is a bit different from the previous designs, as I’ve included a cutting list for the walls. This was actually never intended for release as it was just for my cutter/plotter to cut out the walls from Styrene sheets.
Anyways, enjoy!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Lernion Locomotive Shed - Denorwic Slate Quarry

This is a schematic diagram of the Lernion Locomotive Shed at the Dinorwic Slate quarry in North Wales. It's build up from a number of photographs from here:
The scale is set in LayOut to 1:72 for printing on A4.
Other scales can be made if anyone wants.

Friday, 21 February 2014

MODIS Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) Colour Pallet for ArcGIS/ArcMap

I’ve made a little colour pallet for ArcGIS for the MODIS MOD13Q1 EVI data (16 Day, 250m Resolution Enhanced Vegetation Index).

This package includes the 10 individual colours for the main points, 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0 and the colour gradient.


Compared to the legend given by the C5 User guide:


I also included one of my layer (.lyr) files that can be used as a style reference to get EVI to present nicely.

|| Download ||

Click for larger image

Enjoy, Skipper

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Next project: Drone Mk1

Now I’ve finished my hydrophone.. I’m moving onto my next project.. Building a UAV. This is going to be part of my dissertation, hopefully, so I probably can’t go into too much detail or it’ll count as plagiarising.. myself…

This is part 1… I’ve ordered all the bits, but as of yet, only the controller has arrived. For the controller I’ve got the Spektrum DX6i (2.4Ghz) transmitter and receiver that begins with AR6… something something…

Using my Arduino as a power source (It’ll convert the input from a 9V battery to a nice and stable 5v power supply that the receiver needs.) I managed to bind the receiver to the transmitter, so they now talk to each other.

I got the Arduino starter kit, with a load of cool little bits, including a servo, so I hooked the servo up to the throttle output of the receiver, and managed to get it to turn through about 60 degrees using the throttle input on the transmitter, very cool I thought!

When the rest of the parcel arrives… whenever that is… I’ll be able to hook up the transmitter to the flight control board of the drone, and hopefully be able to control the drone with the DX6i. This will be the basic control, there is no GPS on the flight control board, so there will be no return home, or hold position, but hopefully I’ll find a decent one for not too expensive soon!

Anyway, fingers crossed!

-Skipper out

Agricultural Simulator 2011: Animals and Breeding

This is what I set out to write.. then I got carried away and did a review…
So, I’ve been wasting time, procrastinating, conducting serious research, playing Agricultural Simulator 2011 to find out how to become rich from the animal breeding aspect of the game. Buying low and selling high didn't really work, till I found out that there is slightly more to it than that.
Let me explain… Each animal has a maximum age, when it reaches this age, the price is greatest. If you sell it before this age, the price will be less. Animals will breed over time and make more of themselves (Even bulls… dunno how that works…). If you have too many in a single pen their health will go down from Excellent to Crowded or Catastrophic and then they’ll start to die off.
Each animal must be fed, they all accept Corn, so that's usually the best product to buy to feed them.
The stables can be upgraded to have auto cleaning, and feeding, which is recommended, or you’ll use your entire day up just cleaning animals out (Just like in real life!).
If you’ve done all this, you’ll be wondering which animals to get.. well, let me help you out!
Each animal has a maximum age, these are measured in days from the day you buy it (So the day you buy it is Day/Age 1).
These are the maximum days each animal will grow to. Chickens and Rabbits have the fastest growing time.
Once the animal gets to its max age, it won’t get older, or die of old age, but you’re wasting resources if you keep them longer. (These graphs are all for the buying the maximum amount for each stall in the stables)
When you sell your animal at the max age, you’ll get a profit (As long as you don’t choose a stupid one like pigs, the only profit you get is from reproduction).  The larger species cost more, and you get a greater profit selling them. The total profit is not hugely helpful to be honest. Rabbits have a low overall profit per cycle, but they cycle every 3 days, so profit/day is a better graph to see…
Rabbits turn one of the greatest profits per day, since they only take 3 days to mature, and you can get 4 lots into the same time it takes the deer to mature. The deer is still a greater profit/day, so it is actually worth farming deer for the longer 12 days as you still get a greater overall profit per day, and profit in general…
Conclusion: Buy deer…. Improve every stall to the maximum, with all the upgrades, fill them with deer and pump corn into them, within a few weeks you’ll be crazy rich.
You can skip days ingame, but you have to wait a few minutes every day before skipping to the next day…
here is the data.. it is a bit of a mess I know.. but it might be useful to you for some reason…
Pigs Rabbits Goats Bulls Deer Sheep Horse
Number Init 97 2799 139 55 111 139 41
Cost Init 7000 11000 3800 22000 30000 12600 24350
Cost/Unit 72.16495 3.929975 27.33813 400 270.2703 90.64748 593.9024
age 2 no 97 3826 140 55 111 140 41
Age 2 cost 6700 10300 3500 20700 28500 12500 22900
Cost/Unit 69.07216 2.692107 25 376.3636 256.7568 89.28571 558.5366
Age 3 No 100 3247 141 55 112 143 41
Age 3 Cost 6860 55880 3590 20700 28350 20450 23020
Cost/Unit 68.6 17.20973 25.46099 376.3636 253.125 143.007 561.4634
Age 4 No 104 143 56 113 147 42
Age 4 Cost 7083 3750 20900 55835 28196 23580
Cost/Unit 68.10577 26.22378 373.2143 494.115 191.8095 561.4286
Age 5 No 108 144 56 114 42
Age 5 Cost 7100 3550 20900 89038 32500
Cost/Unit 65.74074 24.65278 373.2143 781.0351 773.8095
Age 6 NO 112 146 56 114 43
Age 6 Cost 7600 13800 35180 117500 41288
Cost/Unit 67.85714 94.52055 628.2143 1030.702 960.186
Age 7 No 57 115 43
Age 7 Cost 51800 144800 49422
Cost/Unit 908.7719 1259.13 1149.349
Age 8 No 57 115 43
Age 8 Cost 68000 176180 58520
Cost/Unit 1192.982 1532 1360.93
Age 9 No 57 115 44
Age 9 Cost 84500 202112 68890
Cost/Unit 1482.456 1757.496 1565.682
Age 10 No 57 116 44
Age 10 Cost 101050 229800 77600
Cost/Unit 1772.807 1981.034 1763.636
Age 11 No 57 116
Age 11 Cost 117800 257654
Cost/Unit 2066.667 2221.155
Age 12 No 57 116
Age 12 Cost 134700 302090
Cost/Unit 2363.158 2604.224
Pigs Rabbits Goats Bulls Deer Sheep Horse
Age at end 4 3 6 12 12 4 10
No at end 112 3247 146 57 116 147 44
Cost at end 7600 55880 13800 134700 302090 28196 77600
Profit 600 44880 10000 112700 272090 15596 53250
Profit/day (€) 150 14960 1666.667 9391.667 22674.17 3899 5325