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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Friday, 24 February 2012

It’s a beautiful day here on Pandora….. (Well, Botton Village…)

So, the temperature got up to a toasty 12 degrees or so today, so it was out with the shirts and off with the overalls!


Blue Sky! Just what you need to set you up for being in a good mood for the afternoon.

At first we chased some sheep out of the back of the dale, and put them back on the moors.


Took us about an hour to chase them out…

We then moved some gates to prevent them coming back in again, then we only had about 30 minutes left before tea break, which we used to rebuild a stone wall that the sheep had used to get into a field:

image <Before

image< After

It’s not a Phil Collier work, but it’ll do to keep the sheep out!

As promised, a picture of my hair cut!


I like it!


Then we headed back for tea break, and milking!



iskipper said...

nice post! I like a farm life and know how hard it is to handle it. So I respect your work. I am more favourite to the sea.

David Caplin said...

Ah nice, I used to do Marine Biology, so know port from starboard, but there was too much statistics, this is a harder physical job, but less mental work required.