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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sennheiser Cx150 In Ear Headphones from HMV

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Righty, a few months back I broke my headphones, I think they must’ve got wet or something while I was doing Marine Biology, but they stopped working is the key point. I headed into Bangor, North Wales in search of some new headphones and found a HMV.

I found some pretty cheap headphones. They were just £15 when i found them in October 2011. I figured they’d be okay, maybe nothing special, but better than a dull and quiet bus ride home, so I bought them.
The only way I can fully express my feelings towards these headphones is to describe what happened next.
After I left the shop I tried them on, and plugged in my Ipod…. I’ve never had this before but I could not stop the massive grin forming on my face whilst listning with them, the sound quality is amazing, I was hearing instruments and riffs I didn’t even know existed in some songs.
I have tried expensive headphones, cheap headphones and a load of others in between, but I can honestly say these Sennheiser Cx150 headphones are the best I have ever tried. I strongly recommend!
Only downside I’ve found is that they’re a little fragile, am slightly concerned I’ll break them… Downside of being a farmer…..

:UPDATE: 19/03/2012
Okay, I had a bit of a fear that I'd break these headphones, and I may have actually managed that...
Though I'm not sure yet...
When I'm using these headphones my ipod keeps pausing, like when you pull the headphones out... Only the headphones are still very much plugged in. I tried turning the headphone plug around in the socket a few times and it doesn't seem to pause it by doing that... so I'm not sure how it's doing it...
I tried my old SkullCandy headphones again, and the problem was reduced, but still occasionally there, though instead of every 20 seconds it was every couple of songs... Which isn't quite as bad, but when you're milking, or doing something with your hands it is pretty annoying...
But still, I love these headphones, the audio quality is unmatched, but the annoying pausing issue is meaning I can't really use them in my ipod anymore :(

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