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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Skippy: Plumber!

So, I’ve started a new career… Well, temporarily.. Just this once actually, well, I hope.
No, I’m still a farmer, it’s alright!
Right, we have some stables around the farm it's self, loose boxes etc, and many of them have their own water supply, this being both Moors Water and Mains Water supplies. Today I heard from someone that one of the taps was leaking, one of the other taps had broken off from the ice a while ago, so I figured it was just the same one leaking a bit, and put it on my “To get around to doing sometime this evening” list…. (It’s not a real list, just a vague idea of what needs doing) however, Tom came back and heard it, went and had a look and called me down. 
The issue was that the tap would not turn off, you could turn the thingy and it would get very very stiff, but the water would keep running. I tried putting my finger over the end of the tap, but the pressure was so high I couldn’t stop it at all, thus telling me it was mains water, not moors water. The farm mains water supply is under the bullk tank in the miking parlour, so with a bit of caving experience, I crawled underneath and located the very awkwardly positioned tap and switched it off. When I got back to the tap in the stable I found it was still running at full pressure, so the shut off was not the right one… Back to the parlour to turn it back on again….

So, if it is not from the barn, it must be on the house supply… The whole system for the house water is massively complicated due to the wood boiler inflow and return systems, but there were 3 shut off taps, all of which i shut off, and found the tap in the stable was still running… Oh wonderful….
So, with there being no known way to shut this damned supply off I was left with 2 options, try and crimp the pipe and reduce the flow a bit, and let maintenance fix it tomorrow, but loose quite a bit of water anyway. Or to get the broken tap off, and replace it with a new one, under full pressure, with the risk of being unable to get the tap on and wasting even more water.
I chose the latter… The old tap came off pretty easily, and produced a very satisfying jet of water that reached out about 3m across the barn. Then came the interesting part… trying to wrestle a new tap over the water jet, and screw it back down in place under full pressure…
I tried many times, and I could not get the threads to meet on the tap and the pipe, and I got thoroughly soaked in the process… When you hold the tap over the pipe the water comes out all around the fitting, as well as from the tap itself, reaching the roof, the walls, and especially up my sleeves, in my face and down my jacket. (Very glad I wore my water proofs or it’d look like I just straight up jumped in a lake… I was only marginally drier)
I had almost given up, and decided I’d have one more try before I just gave up and wasted a load of water by letting maintenance fix it tomorrow.
I just managed to get the threads to mesh, and knew I had it! So, with that done I screwed the tap in place and closed the tap. Oh the success was so great Open-mouthed smile Felt like an epic quest.
A very wet, but very content Skippy.
Very invigorating.
In other news, I managed to keep the boiler so hot that I managed to fill all 4 1750L accumulator storage tanks with hot water:
YES! Achievement!
Anyways, hot shower time… Skippy out

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