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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dear Esther (2012)

Well, the studio behind the original HL2 mod “Dear Esther”, a group called The Chinese Room, have been working on an actual release title of Dear Esther. They teamed up with Robert Briscoe, who designed some of the levels for another of my favourite games, Mirror’s Edge, to bring us a remade Dear Esther. They redid the graphics, the voice recording etc etc and it looks pretty damned awesome.

I played the original Dear Esther a few years back, and was very impressed with the game (I can’t really describe it as a game… but it is the only label I can put on it…. I guess it’s more of an interactive visual arts medium/Interactive novel?). I’ve been keeping an eye on the development of this release, and jumped on it the day it came out…

So, here are some screenshots:



The ship wreck on the shore


Interior of the Lighthouse… I love the detail!


The game looks absolutely stunning… And this is on a machine that struggles to play Borderlands on the lowest setting…….Can’t  wait to take it for a spin on my Desktop…


Floor details, plus obligatory chemical symbols…


Stairwell into the Lighthouse


Lighthouse building interior


sigh… It’s puurty







I love it…. Despite the main character being a right downer… He sounds like no fun to be around….

Awesome game… Pop over to Steam and pick it up

>>> Do it! <<<

Interesting article on their website:

Dear Esther sold 16k units in under 24 hours - Recoupes financial backing in 6 hours

Not entirely surprising…

Anyways, have a goodun!

Skipper out.

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