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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lifeventure 300ml Thermal Mug

Okay, bit of a mini-review here, just got myself a new coffee (well, for me Yorkshire Tea Gold) mug. It's from Millets and the cost was  £12. So, the outside construction is coloured stainless steel, and I think its a continuous formed piece forming the inside too, and insulation is through a vacuum around the chamber.
The lid is a pressure release thing of plastic and steel, so if your tea gets cold and contracts it doesn't grab the lid and never let go.
The tea I made about an hour ago is still too hot to drink, so its a pretty good insulator, no idea how long it'll keep things nice and warm, but it's probably a fair few hours.
They come in a nice wide range of colours, I chose blue, but there is green, brown, blue, red, pink, silver, black and a couple more I don't remember. So yea, nice little tea/coffee mug. Just don't smash them behind a tractor seat or the vacuum breaks...

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