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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Thought I’d go though my Steam games and give mini reviews to them…


688(I) Hunter/Killer

0.3 hrs on record

Was basically a more limited version of Dangerous Waters… Just the one submarine and worse graphics…

Rating: 3/10


All Points Bulletin

6.8 hrs on record

I was pissed off with this game… I spent the above time.. 6.8 hours downloading it.. and it just lagged like an absolute mother bitch… was unplayable.. annoyed..

Raing: 0/10… I couldnt even walk forwards..


America's Army 3

0.1 hrs on record

Another game that really pissed me off…I couldnt even complete the basic training mission where you have to run the course in a certain time… I guess its a fair estimation of how I’d do in actual basic selection…

Rating 0/10



6.3 hrs on record

I was hoping for a lot from ArmA 2. I loved some parts of ArmA 1 and in those respects 2 didnt disapoint, there are loads of weapons, vehicles, etc, and the mission editor is nearly identical which are all pluses.. but the same old stupid interface and awkward aiming and shooting…I mostly played it for making a mission with 1 tank and one harrier, then bombing the tank.. hours of fun.

Rating: 3/10 …. Stupid GUI..


ARMA: Combat Operations

13.4 hrs on record

This is the STEAM version only.. I think it would be up there in the 100h range if it recorded my old version. Despite its clunky interface and stupid aiming, I loved this game. Especially the Sahrani Life RPG element Open-mouthed smile 

Rating 7/10 Although I loved it, the interface was really dumb.


Armored Fist 3

I’ve yet to try this.. I got it with the Novalogic pack..



1 hrs on record

An interesting concept… Fun to play when your bored… But hardly ground breaking in terms of story telling… well, there isnt a story.. thats not the point of this game! Its something to dip into when you feel like listning to some music and doing something at the same time (that doesnt include working..)



Battlefield 2

2.6 hrs on record

Meh… BF1942 was amazing, loved the COOP element. BF2 disappointed on that front. The AI behaved like the dicks you find online, jumping up and down…. SOLDIERS DONT JUMP UP AND DOWN IN REAL BATTLE! You dont dodge incoming fire by hopping up and down… You get into cover and give return fire..




Ah, I played it for that short a time it didnt even record. Stupid game…. if there were mods I would consider playing it… Pack a G36 and I’d jump straight in.



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

4.7 hrs on record

Grrr…….. Yea… £40 for 5h of game play.. I was very pissed off… But its Call of Duty… its for the multiplayer… Which I detest… Not worth it..



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer

0.1 hrs on record

..Meh, better on the Xbox, but hardly ground breaking..



Comanche 4

Got with Novalogic pack.. never played… Looks graphically challenged..


Counter-Strike: Source

0.1 hrs on record

If you want to be shot in the face repeatedly by a 8 year old…. play this game! Idiotic game… But Gmod needed it..



Counter-Strike: Source Beta


Crash Time II

0.2 hrs on record

It looked quite good fun… But I suck at driving…



Dangerous Waters

148.5 hrs on record

..I think this is the game I’ve played on longest… Great fun, nothing beats sitting in a darkened room with headphones pressed tightly to one ear whilst listening to a BQQ-5. Had just read Red Storm Rising, so was totally into all the OHP class frigates, and 688s.

Rating 9/10


Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45

1.6 hrs on record

Played it online for a bit, but the graphics were rubbish… Game play was okay I guess… but not something I’ll play again..



Day of Defeat: Source

0.3 hrs on record

Damn the guns have some serious recoil! But yea, meh.. got because Gmod wanted the files..



Delta Force


Delta Force 2


Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

Although it doesnt say it here, I’ve completed BHD a few times. Awesome game. Looks a bit like an old version of Joint Operations.. which I suppose it is… Brilliant storyline Love it. But no Coop! And the multiplayer sucked….

Rating 8/10


Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre

Similar in game play to BHD, but without the familiar storyline. Good, but the original was better. Some good missions though, dont get me wrong.



Delta Force: Land Warrior


Delta Force: Task Force Dagger


Delta Force: Xtreme

Started playing it.. but its just a cheap version of Joint Operations.. Meh.



Delta Force: Xtreme 2

4.5 hrs on record

Completed it in 4.5h… There is a full review here: No! here!

Better graphics than BHD, but rubbish weapons.. Missed the whole ranging in from Joint Operations



DiRT 2

1.6 hrs on record

I suck at driving, so sucked at this..



F-16 Multirole Fighter


F-22 Lightning 3


Fallout 3

22.1 hrs on record

The first version I got! Thought it was pretty good.. but nothing special..



Fallout 3 - Game of the Year Edition

64.4 hrs on record

The 2nd time I got it i really got into it. This was the GOTY version, so all the addons. And I loved it! awesome game! Got all the achievements!



Far Cry 2

19.9 hrs on record

I got quite far though this, but my PC crashed and I lost the save game. It wasnt untill recently (August 2010) that i actually completed it on the Xbox. Was a good game with regards to Storyline. And I looooved the scenery. Its set in Africa, which is a country close to my heart, really beautiful scenes in the grasslands. Really nice. But some gameplay aspects sucked.. No Coop for one.. Whats the point in a jeep you can drive, but have to switch seats to gun if you cant have someone else on the gun? meh..

8/10 anyway… was a good game


Far Cry 2: Fortunes Pack


Fleet Command


Frontlines: Fuel of War

5.1 hrs on record

I got this for like 2 quid.. BARGAIN! Loved the game too. The storyline was really good and thought provoking. I just got it for the Xbox too, but not been able to play it much yet.


Garry's Mod

158.8 hrs on record

158h says it all. I freaking love this game. Game? …Sandbox. Its amazing fun. I spent about 50 hours just building assorted space ships and flying them around the gooniverse map. Amazing fun! Class game! I can actually find no flaws.. Apart from perhaps when you’ve built everything there isnt much left to do…

9.5/10 … because I cant give 10/10 to any game….


Grand Theft Auto IV

16.3 hrs on record

I turned Nikko Belic away from a life of crime… but the game lost whatever storyline it had when I did… Plus the storyline sort of ended when I refused to date some random girl I didnt know. Thats not how I roll.

Meh/10… thats not a number.. eer 6/10.


Half-Life 2

13.4 hrs on record

Played mostly over Synergy mod. Excelent game.



Half-Life 2: Deathmatch


Half-Life 2: Episode One (See Synergy)


Half-Life 2: Episode Two (See Synergy)

0.3 hrs on record


Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

0.3 hrs on record


Joint Operations: Escalation

14.9 hrs on record

GOTTA LOVE JOINT OPS! Though with the new edition none of the stats recorders work.. and I cant install mods on the STEAM version of Jops…. But yea, its an amazing game! LOVE IT!



Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising


Killing Floor

63.5 hrs on record

Nothing like extreme gore and violence when your in a bad mood. So grab your M9 and blow some zombies heads off. Great fun! And I’ll definitely be playing more of this as soon as I get new internet, instead of this inter-нет that I currently have…нет is russian for No. Its pronounced “Niet” ..Inter Niet…. Oh nvm…



Killing Floor Mod: Defence Alliance 2

1.2 hrs on record

The shite cousin of Killing Floor.



Left 4 Dead

I did like this to start with, but once you’ve completed it once or twice its just so repetative. Shite replay value.

3/10 ..Just because I’m feeling generous.


Left 4 Dead 2

2.9 hrs on record

Its a once though game… Although its meant to be “great replay value” … Once you know the story the only difference will be where the zombies are…. meh



Mare Nostrum

0.4 hrs on record

Junk graphics, clunky gameplay..



MiG-29 Fulcrum



PORTAL! Amazing game! Its class! You’ve got to play it!



Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45


Rhythm Zone

0.2 hrs on record

I got this thinking it would be like a custom Guitar Hero. But was disapointed to find there was no strumming… Meant I sucked at it since I’m used to holding down the note, then strumming when it passes. But its okay when you get used to it. But unlikely to play again.



S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

73.8 hrs on record

OMG. STALKER! 3rd in the series. The 2nd best I’d say. Full review here: TADA!

Really love the STALKER series. My favorite game series of all time. Love it sums it up.

9/10 A-MAZING!


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

4.8 hrs on record

:Cough: This game was a mistake. lets be honest. Its the worst of the STALKER series. I think they just rushed it though developement…. I’m playing it again with the STALKER Complete mod by ArtistPavel (Available here) so we shall see… maybe its better with that mod..

One memorable moment only really from that game, the battle for the bridge at Limansk, and the battles though Limansk itself, they were the best thing about this game. Its worth getting if you’ve completed Shadow of Chernobyl, just for the storyline, dont play Call of Pripyat without playing this first.

6/10… yea.. it sucked.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

69.7 hrs on record

MY FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME! Love it love it love it! A short review doesnt do it justice. This game is like an old jumper, you really love it, its got so many good memories, but its also really uncool and you would never be seen in public with it as its not as cool as all your MW2s and Battlefields. GSC a its finest.

9.8/10. Just because it doesnt have COOP, and the artefacts are too easy to find… Otherwise it’d be a 10/10 for sure! 11/10!


Stargate Resistance

0.5 hrs on record

I was tricked… I thought this was the Stargate Worlds under a new name… But it turned out to be CounterStrike in the SGC, with Zat guns and P90s… meh.



Sub Command



40.8 hrs on record

I’ve completed Halflife 2 on Synergy….3 times I think.. and am on my 4th play though with Wendy. Its a Coop mod for Half life 2, so instead of going though the campaign on your own, you’ve got someone backing you up. Tis a great mod



Tachyon: The Fringe


Team Fortress 2

0.3 hrs on record

Weird looking, deathmatch shite… meh



The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

77.3 hrs on record


Gasp… Oblivion. BEAUTIFUL! Love this game so much! I’m not even going to say anymore… Play it.



Tomb Raider: Anniversary


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

0.1 hrs on record

I’m wishing I’d played this a long time ago, when I was playing Rainbow Six.. The controls are the same, but I now find them really hard to use after all the newer games… Was gutted as I loved these old Tom Clancy games..



Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

4.9 hrs on record

s’ difficult! Even on easy! I gave up…



Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Desert Siege


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder


TrackMania United

12.3 hrs on record

I suck at driving… But its an awesome game..



X3: Reunion

81.3 hrs on record

Haha oh I love this game! There are some awesome mods for it too, the Stargate mod is my favorite. Flying around in a BC-304 Daedalus class ship is amazing fun, especially when you have a fleet of F-302s onboard. CLAAAAS! But never completed it… The tangos just get too difficult later on.. I’d take a few hits and just blow up… annoying…



X3: Terran Conflict

0.3 hrs on record

Figured I shouldnt play this till I’d completed Reunion… so cant really comment..

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Drake Sigar said...

America's army is brutal. The first one was little more than a big budget advertisement, yet instead of handing your character a gun, they had you sitting in a classroom doing multiple choice questions!