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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Delta Force Extreme 2: Completed

Okay, just completed Delta Force Extreme 2. Not a bad little game, 4h of game play out of it, with potential for good multiplayer.
2 main story lines, not exactly a brilliant storyline, to be honest I’m not quite sure what it was about, but people dont play Delta Force for the storyline…
The game is basically a new version of Joint Operations. There are some features that have been removed, soldier classes for one. And quite a few added, the health system has been overhauled, and, like many modern games, the player heals gradually over time. The tracers, which I thought were quite good in Joint Operations, have been overhauled. To be honest I dont think the new tracers actually look good, but they do give an advantage if you see someone firing, to pick them off.image
Depth of Field has also been added, as you can see above, and quite a nice little feature on the trees. When a tree takes enough damage it’ll break and fall over. Happy days!
The sniper system, that I loved in Joint Operations has been reduced to “Idiot Sniper System.” The scope has a built in range finder, but no use for that range.
dfx2 2010-02-28 18-41-34-29
The Mil-dot scope doesn't work, mainly because the scope zooms, so this range is basically useless.
Changing weapons in game does only seem to be available if you die.
Basically… Dont like it.
Compared to Joint Operations: Does have some nice features over Joint Ops, Depth of Field, health system, sound of the sniper rifle :-)
Compared to Black Hawk Down: Crap story line compared to BHD, Black Hawk Down was based on the Somalia conflict of 1992/93. The graphic of DFX2 was much better than BHD, and but the weapon systems of BHD were better…
To Conclude:
Joint Operations and Black Hawk Down are better than DFX2 in terms of weapon systems, and BHD is better than DFX2 in terms of Storyline, but DFX2 beats them both in the graphics department. All in all…. its a hard one really… I like DFX2 for its graphics, but the game play sucks… Damn you Novalogic!

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