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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Kodak Playsport Zx3

Just bought the new Kodak Zx3 Playsport. It shoots 720p, 1080p and 5mp stills. The specs for it state that its waterproof to 3m, making it mud proof, dust proof etc etc. I’ve not had a chance to take it into a pond or anything, so don't know what its like underwater.


It is a nice shape and size, fits perfectly in a pocket. Its designed for people with an outdoors lifestyle.


Now, my initial thoughts were very good. For its price I thought it was a bargain.

I’ve had it for a couple of days now, and my attitude has changed a little. The first problem is with the battery. I fully charged it 2 days ago, and this morning it wouldn't turn on, apparently the batteries were dead already, and I hadn't even been using it. The 2nd is with the quality.

The Stills quality is okay for long distance, doesnt quite match my Nikon D80, but its okay for snaps. The video quality is a little limited. There aren’t many settings at all, it only does Normal, Vivid and Black and White, no White Balance or saturation or anything. The default settings though are not good. The sharpness is far to much, the edges over defined and basically the resulting video looks naff. 100_0001

This image, above, shows the very odd quality of the video. Everything is… just wierd!

Here is the example, click to view:

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