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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Next project: Drone Mk1

Now I’ve finished my hydrophone.. I’m moving onto my next project.. Building a UAV. This is going to be part of my dissertation, hopefully, so I probably can’t go into too much detail or it’ll count as plagiarising.. myself…

This is part 1… I’ve ordered all the bits, but as of yet, only the controller has arrived. For the controller I’ve got the Spektrum DX6i (2.4Ghz) transmitter and receiver that begins with AR6… something something…

Using my Arduino as a power source (It’ll convert the input from a 9V battery to a nice and stable 5v power supply that the receiver needs.) I managed to bind the receiver to the transmitter, so they now talk to each other.

I got the Arduino starter kit, with a load of cool little bits, including a servo, so I hooked the servo up to the throttle output of the receiver, and managed to get it to turn through about 60 degrees using the throttle input on the transmitter, very cool I thought!

When the rest of the parcel arrives… whenever that is… I’ll be able to hook up the transmitter to the flight control board of the drone, and hopefully be able to control the drone with the DX6i. This will be the basic control, there is no GPS on the flight control board, so there will be no return home, or hold position, but hopefully I’ll find a decent one for not too expensive soon!

Anyway, fingers crossed!

-Skipper out

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