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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Friday, 9 July 2010

Well! Its been a while since I’ve done one of these!

Yes its true. It has indeed been a while since I’ve done a written one of these! So, what’s been happening? Well… If you honestly dont know, then watch the videos below Smile If, however, you dont feel like watching them, let me explain. I’m currently working on my dissertation. The topic is diatoms in the River Taff. Diatoms are small unicellular algae, with silica frustules (shell like structures surrounding the actual cell) I havnt had that much success photographing them down the microscope. This is one of the better ones:

Basically, I need to identify each one in each sample down to species level. Thats a pretty impossible task though, so I’ll be doing a representative selection of each sample (Most likely to be 30 or 25, something that will make nice percentages) and identify them to the nearest possible unit (species, genera, family etc…) These percentages will hopefully indicate any changes in water quality over the sample area (The River Taff, from source to Radyr) 

Work aside! I’ve converted my D80 DSLR into a pinhole camera by drilling a small hole in a spare lens cap. The results have been pretty sweet:

The only downer is that i have dust on my sensor. I’ve tried to clean as much off using a blower, but there is still some on it, as can be seen from the dust specks on the above image. Gutted…

Also, got my new house. Though there was a slight mold problem on one wall.. See below…

However, (gotta love Detol…) with a bit of work, I got it looking way better:

I’m pretty proud if it myself Open-mouthed smile 

So! Thats pretty much it. Will post some more stuff when I get it!

-Skipper out.

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