Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT

Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Saturday, 24 July 2010

New Domain!

For the past 4 years or so I’ve owned the domain. That domain has forwarded to a variety of different sites. First of all on a very simple site hosting my mods. This was then changed into a squad web page for 22 squadron and the Delta Rangers in 07. The YSPilots Mod Database was also hosted from here for a while, before moving to From here the site went back to being a single page forwarding to a variety of diffent sites, including the Delta Ranger’s site, 22 squadron’s pages, my mods page, YSPilots, etc.
In 2009 I switched my whole modding host over to google sites, just to get it out of the way and into something permanent. My Google sites site had all the squad things, stats page, mods etc but was easier to manage, and looked better (Wasnt made by me using PHP)
in mid 2010 I stopped support for my YSFLIGHT mods, and retracted the download file. The reason for this is that nearly all my models have been replaced by far superior models done by other people, so the pack had no point in being. With no more mod support, Delta Rangers and 22 squadron finally shut down for good, my Google sites site had no need to continue existing. Since my blog has remained active all this time, I redirected to my blog (:cough: the thing your reading now)
Since my blog has nothing to do with ysflight I felt this was a little misleading. My lease expired August 2010, so I simply did not renew it, opting instead for a new domain. And here it is:

Bookmark it! I’ve also pimped the blog out a lil bit, there is a share button below each post, so feel free to share anything you find interesting or amusing on facebook, twitter, google reader email, etc etc. Also added a subscribe button thingy, so you can subscribe via google reader and all sorts of good things.
I’m going to be branching out a little bit more into the blog on more than one topic than just Biology. There’ll be reviews for various things, from software to food, and other random things. (Like my Windows 7 theme, check it out! Its like 2 posts down)
Aye… so, Watch this space!

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