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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Move…. Pretty much complete!

Aye! So, my move is nearly complete!


New House vlog

I’ve still got a couple boxes and some under bed draws to bring over, but I think this is about as messy as my room is going to get! Well… that's the optimistic view anyway! So I figured I’d take the opportunity to shoot a quick panoramic shot of the room and stitch it up in the new Microsoft ICE (I’ll do a blog post on it at some other point…. but here is the link)

Clicky on the image to get a full size view. So… let me talk you though it.

From the left hand side… Thats my bin in front of my roll mat… The one I…. procured… I left in Heathfield Villas… Then comes my desktop. Twin monitors for the win! (Blog on one, and Spotify on the other… Tegan and Sara’s “The Con.” Excellent album.) Moving on.. Xbox 360, Surround sub-woofer, and desktop tower… the “Rat’s Nest” cable pile… Laser printer (soon hopefully to be relocated…) Bed..still without covers… Camera bag (minus D80… as its taking the picture!) …and gas mask… The picture went a bit weird at the end as I moved the camera position. Bunnies! So, thats my new house. Added bonus it is opposite Wendy’s house (Blog link in the side bar). So yea.. I see great opportunities!

:NB: Seems there is also a poltergeist as my door just opened randomly. Sweet!

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