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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Trip to Larchfield

So, today we went over to Larchfield to look at their piggies. After a reasonably long drive, which involved getting ever so slightly lost, we arrived at their shop/coffee bar. There was some negotiations with the tea lady, who wanted to give us 1 tiny pot of tea for 4 cups, we had our tea break.
Then it was off to look at the piggies. They were down an ever so slightly muddy track about a kilometre. There were a number of pens, made up of electric fence and pig house thingies, with sows, piglets and a big boar.
Sadly the camera I brought with me, my dive camera, broke... Well, for some reason it refuses to focus... Sometimes it says its focused, and isn't and sometimes it says it can't focus.... Weird.. So I didn't manage to get any pictures of the piggies.
Larchfield is a little bit of a strange place. Some of the buildings look very Camphill, but the place doesn't feel like Botton at all... There are no coworkers anymore, everyone working there is an employee, so I think there isn't so much of an impulse to help out above and beyond as it were.
The farmer, or one of them, called Dave, also an employee said he works so much overtime, as he's running a farm, but it's all unpaid.
Was a strange experience, and hopefully not a vision of a future in Botton.

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