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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Review: Before The Dawn; Rise of the Phoenix

So, I’ve got a new album from one of my favorite artists, Before The Dawn. I reviewed their album “Deathstar Rising” in the summer (Hey! Listen!) and it has become one of my albums for Summer 2011, and is still regularly played when I’m driving the tractor.

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My overall feelings about this album are mixed, I love Before The Dawn, they’re up there at #2 favourite band, but this album was a bit of a let down. I love harsh vocals as much as the next man, but the reason I like Melodic Death Metal is the blend of harsh and clean vocals, that’s one of the reasons I loved Deathstar Rising so much, it had that blend of clean and harsh vocals that just made it epic and listenable. This album has some decent tracks, but overall the lack of any clean singing really just means this is gonna be on my shelf for listening to only when there is nothing else.
So, I’m only going to review those tracks I really liked,
first up is Exordium:

This is just an intro track, but I still rather like it. Some rather nice little riffs in there from the lead guitar.

The second track, Pitch Black Universe continues with the same musical riffs, but with a distorted guitar, and some harsh vocals:

The 3rd track, Phoenix Rising, was one of the pre released tracks, and I did listen to it quite a bit. It got me very excited for the album, and while the rest of the album has a similar epic music style, there is no clean vocals….Something I didn’t really notice in this track though:

Skipping on to track 5, (Track 4, Cross To Bear is an okay, track but it’s not really one that sticks out) Throne of Ice, another one they pre-released, so I’ve got a fair listen of this one, and again, it is an epic track, but no clean vocals!

Track 8, Eclipse, another pretty nice track, but again, not one that sticks out.

Track 9, Closure, I quite liked this track, it’s pretty mellow and relaxed at the beginning, then gets a decent slow heavy and epic part later on, too much harsh vocals though…

Bonus Track 10, Unbreakable. This is a remake of one of the tracks off one of their old albums, My Darkness from 2003. Loved that album, and this is a nice remake, definitely one of my favourites off the new album

Last bonus track, (On my copy anyways), Track 11, Deliverance. Another pretty nice mellow track, no harsh guitar, it’s just a nice melodic track, nice!

So, to conclude, I’ve got mixed feelings about this album, it is a nice album, and there are some decent songs on it, but it’s not really what i was hoping for. I was hoping for another one like Deathstar Rising, but this is a much harsher album. I like harsh sometimes too, but I was really in the mood for another Deathstar Rising. So, I do like the tracks and the album, its much more like the old Before The Dawn material, which I love too by the way…
So I do quite like the album, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the old BTD material, to anyone who isn’t quite into the fully harsh MDM, maybe go buy Deathstar Rising instead…. but I do like it… I’m gonna go listen to Deathstar Rising now though…

On another note, I'm liking this new thing from Spotify! It's pretty nifty, just right click on the track or playlist and go "Copy Embed Code" then paste, for the little ones change the dimension to 80 instead of 380. Shweet!

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