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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Now then.

So, it is winter/spring time. Technically it is winter, though with recent weather it’s seeming more and more like spring is here. The other day it went up to 13oC, pretty toasty for a January day!

I’ve just come off the back of a week of morning milking on High Farm. This entails getting up at 5am, walking to High Farm, about 15 minutes away, having 1st breakfast, then making a big pot of coffee (Actually I’ve been experimenting, and discovered that 50/50 coffee and hot chocolate is amazing. Very tasty…Sorta a mocha).

Then it’s off to the barn, to chase some cows into the milking parlour and the rest is kind of self evident. Now, a 5am start does sound simply unpleasant, but it does have some nice side effects.


First of all you see the sun rise, and usually, the moon set. This was taken just before breakfast I think. The moon was just dipping below the horizon, as the sun came up on the other side, giving the moon a lovely yellow/golden colour.

The downside being that I get a distinct lack of sleep and then have to work hard all day…

But anyways! With Winter, the rangers usually burn areas of the moors around Yorkshire. In the summer the moorland is too dry and can just spiral out of control, and around now gives the heather just enough time to grow shoots which the grouse love.

The smoke often blows over the valley, which in the evening gives some very nice silhouettes against the sun.



What else… Oh, I went to York recently and got a rather nice photograph of the sunset:



I’ve got some more, but they’re still on my camera, which is not currently with me!

Anyways, sleep time! Skipper out.

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