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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mr Skippy the engineer… Again…

So, I’ve recently been doing some overhaul/repair work on bits of farm machinery that have been lying around the place since the last ice age. Most of the work is simply trying to get old imperial bolts off, and replacing them with metric, because I do love metric and those freaking 16ths and stupid fractions of inches were annoying me. I am not a fan of imperial, stupid measuring system.


This was my first one, a cultivator thingy. I initially had to weld one of the supports that goes to the top link back in place, but the only welding experience I’ve got is some introduction stuff from when I did Aerospace… Long time ago… So I took it up to the Farm Workshop and let them weld it on. Next I had to thin out the tines a bit, giving the current 3 at the front, centre and in line with the tyres, two in the gaps, then 3 in the same as the front, then 1 in the centre at the back. These were all fitted with shiny M10 bolts… You have no idea how annoyed I was with the dumbass imperial bolts on it before……….


Oh it’s beautiful…… Mmmmmm M10s…


Next up was another cultivator that has been missing a tine for a long time… It has been a door wedge in the root store for quite some time.


Simply job of reattaching it…


Happy days!

This is a little bit of a boring one Open-mouthed smile

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