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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

First 2 days on High Farm

So, this summer I was working on Botton Farm, but when I dropped out of my Masters Degree (Msc Marine Biology) and applied to Botton they did not have space on Botton Farm, sadly. So, I got posted to High Farm, see map:

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It is a very different farm than Botton Farm. Smaller, but a newer building. The milking parlour is very small, still a 4 cow stall, but the stalls are at floor level, so you’ve got to sit on the floor to milk, compared to Botton Farm where the cows climb up a step and stand with the udders at elbow height when you’re sitting on the step, which is more comfortable. At the moment there are only 2 buckets, so when you milk with two clusters you’ve got to detach the entire set up to take the churn into the dairy to weigh… Little things like this make me mildly apprehensive to start milking. That and I’ve got to learn the names of an entirely new herd.


On the bright side, the cows are very friendly! Definitely the friendliest in Botton!

Anyway! What have I been up to?

Day 1: My first day on the farm, a full day this one. The morning I spent moving young stock, walking up HUGE ASS HILLS, and mucking out the barn.IMAG0305
Aww Pretty trees

In the afternoon we harvested around 1 and a half tonnes of carrots over at Honey Bee Nest, which was cool. In the evening was a supper for all the Young Co-workers, of which I am now one of, and following this was a craft group. I was in the pottery group as most of the others were full, and I didnt fancy making gnomes…

Played with clay for about 30 minutes, until it was totally dry, and useless, annoying the guy who was running the group. I then asked to have a go on the wheel to which he said “Well, just in case you achieve anything…” Why thank you good sir! Your faith in me is unbelievable!


Day 2:

The morning was the foundation course, which this time was Eurythmy, which I have come to the conclusion of being very weird, followed by a health and safety meeting on lifting heavy things…. Oh joy! But the lady in the video they showed was rather amusing as her eyebrow were so high it looked like she was constantly surprised…

In the afternoon we returned to the carrot field, and filled 6 Half Tonne boxes, which is rather impressive as the grand total they’ve harvested is like 2 tonnes over their expected yield, and we’re not even finished yet!

Anyways, it’s late and I’m tired, so

Goodnight all!

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