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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fireworks! And shopping

So, on Saturday evening (5th of November) it was Bonfire Night in the UK, and High Farm went on a house outing to Helmsley to see the firework display.


Fireworks! Yes… my phone camera sucks… I wish they would put the LG Viewty camera into other cameras… That was the best phone camera I’ve ever had, it was awesome! And an actual Xenon flash! I digress! But yes, LG Viewty, my favourite old phone, if it ran Android… I’d go back in a flash… Geddit? Oh dear…

Fireworks! Yes! Anyways, it was good, love the really deep “BOOM” ones, the slightly higher pitch common bangs were a little too much like rifle fire, not that that’s a bad thing, I just wanted something bigger, artillery, 120mm cannon shells.. that kinda thing! Was good though, enjoyed it. The food left something to be desired, was hot dogs with MRM sausages, or Mechanically Recovered Meat, which, when you’re used to high quality organic meat in Botton….. Well, it left something to be desired.

But, before that we had a normal morning on the farm, a normal morning is basically:

First off, if the cows are out in the fields (They’ll be coming into the barn soon for Winter) we take them out to the field.

Then we come back and clean the barn, the yard gets scraped down and all the muck collected. The standings, where the cows stand when they’re eating (I’ll make a drawing of this at some point to show what it looks like… Or just take a photograph) also get scraped down. Soiled bedding is taken out and fresh straw put down. The feed passage is cleaned and fresh hay put down. The bull pen also gets mucked out and bedded down.

After this, if we have time any other odd jobs get done, tools are washed and cleaned, and the place is basically tidied up in time for the next week.

After lunch in High Farm I headed back home and introduced one of the young coworkers to an Xbox 360, not sure she was very impressed… Especially by my rather limited choice in games…. Halo mostly….

And in the evening, yea, I went to watch fireworks!

On the Sunday, currently my day off doing much work, I took someone to the train station in Middlesbrough, and then went shopping, spending far too much money on 2 fleeces and a cup of very expensive, but tasty coffee… White Chocolate Mocha from Neros… Ohhhhhh you need to try it, so good! With whipped cream… mmmmmmmm


Yes, anyways, that’s all from me today, tomorrow we’ll probably be harvesting carrots again, so goodnight!


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