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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Morning Milking and stacking bales


P0534_04-08-11Morning milking has some obvious drawbacks, it starts at 5:30, so you’ve got to get up and get the cows in at 5:00AM in the morning… IN THE MORNING DAMNIT! But it has some distinct advantages. The above picture is one of them… When you’re awake at 5:00 you see amazing mist patterns in the valley, the morning sun coming over the hills, and when the sun starts to shine, and you’re taking the cows out at 7:30 to the fields it can be spectacular:


These are some pictures I found on my phone after I did an import of all the pictures. One of the neighbouring farms, Stormy Hall, uses a bale barn, instead of the hay barn set up that we have on Botton Farm. This means after mowing and drying, they bale up the hay and bring it in on a tractor. To bring it in they stack it up into… stacks… which they can pick up with a bale clamp on the back of the tractor. This was my best piece of work:


Look at it! It’s so square! I was proud of this one. Just showing that Botton Farm leads the way! Ooorah!

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