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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Monday, 15 August 2011

Bit of a catch-up: Monday

So! When I last left off I’d just moved into New Botton Farm on the Sunday. Since then we’ve all been busy!

On Monday afternoon we were sent to Falcon Farm, a nearby farm, to help pick Onions and box them up. Not entirely sure how many there were in total, probably around 800+ onions we harvested before we ran out of boxes. IMAG0093

From here, whilst waiting for new boxes to arrive from Stormy Hall Farm, we helped weed some Chicory, which looks surprisingly like a dandelion, making weeding very difficult.

For Tea break Phillip brought his camera, and we just played around with that:IMG_6169
Picture by Phillip Mg(White T-Shirt)IMG_6070
Picture by Phillip Mg

The above 2 photographs copyright to Phillip Mg.

After tea break we put up an electric fence to strip graze a field, a process where the cows consume all the grass available in one region, before we move them on to the next, more efficient than just letting them go wild in the whole field.


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