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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Searching through my texts!

Was having a look though my text messages on my phone, and came across some funny ones.
“Ha just saw a chav falling off a BMX in middle of road. Legend!”
“Your scaring me with the kisses at the end... Something your not telling me?”
No idea what this one was... Slightly scary!
"sweet! killing them? "

"fun... apparamtly wendy and g-unit (georgina) are lesbians, news to everyone, including themselves"

 " just seen a runway with a large shopping centre not 20m from the end of the runway, thats gotta be an excitig one to landand t/o from....."

"just seen a hornbill execute a perfect hammerhead manuver."

"haha! there is a school called Shilka School, reckon they teach anti aircraft tactics?"

"just seen a man carring a SPAS-12 shotgun walking down the street, joberg is wierd!"

One from Chesh that read:
"Love you shelly xxxxxzyxxxxxxxxx"
My Reply:
"i love you too matt, but i.dve thort after what two years youdv known my name. skip"

That was pretty much it :-)
Anyways, skipper out.

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