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Monday, 7 December 2009

This is hilarious

Okay, I accidentally downloaded some random podcast from Iplayer, first one that played on the “shuffle” first one, “Did the Nazi’s prove the earth is hollow?”

My first thought… No!

Here was the idea; The earth is hollow, and there is an alien race living in there.

Okay, here is the first problem I’ve got with that… If the earth is hollow, where does our gravity come from? If it was hollow there would be significantly less mass to the earth, and gravity would be a lot smaller. The people who believe the earth is hollow have an explanation for this: “There is a star in the centre of the earth”

Thats possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. First of all: If there is an alien race down there, they’d be living on the inside of the earth, here is my poor illustration:image

So if there were aliens in there, the force of gravity would be opposite to what they were standing on. That’d be like gravity acting up! They’d just fall off the earth and go straight into the star…

The next bit… A star in the middle?! Do you know how complex it would be to suspend a mass exactly in centre of the earth? If it moved slightly closer to an edge, the force of gravity would increase rapidly, (Gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance) causing the star to accelerate rapidly straight into the edge of the earth. Plus, a lighter mass has a different orbital radius than a heavier mass, so the earth would orbit the sun at one radius, but the star inside would need to be at another radius unless it was going faster than the earth!

Basically, the math doesnt work out. Conclusion:


There were a bunch of others, like vampires actually excised, citing some crazy witch hunters from 1600s as evidence… Thats not gonna stand up in court! Well, it gave me a good laugh!


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