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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Monday, 19 October 2009

To Egypt and beyond... well, just to Egypt.. then back again

After a couple months on the Farm, I headed, with the Dive Club "Calypso Diving" to the Red Sea. Instead of Marsa Alam last year, we headed to Sharm El Sheikh. Que one week of great diving, ending in me getting ill....Xenia faraunensis-1
(Left) Xernia faraunensis, also known as the Pulsating Coral Polyp. One of my favourite photographs from the trip. For more, click the image.. should lead you to my Flickr profile....

Well, after Egypt I returned home for a week to work on the farm again, but I dont think I did seeing as I was still ill from Egypt... dodgy pizza I think... tasted like toilet cleaner... niiice......
Well, after the week it was RTB for some more R&R in Trefforest with Dragon 8. And that pretty much brings you up to speed... I'm back in Wales.. back on the course... funky dory....

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