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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Lambing Begins

So, we’ve started lambing now… Our first Ewe lambed today, with some difficulty.

I got a phone call at around 10am saying that one of the Ewes was lambing, but it looked like a dead lamb. Off I ran down to the farm.

Sure enough, he looked pretty dead. Just the head was sticking out and his tongue was all swollen up… When I got all cleaned up and pulled him out, I was sure I saw some movement. And when we got him clear he coughed and spluttered back to life, so I carried him around to his mother and she licked him dry. He was a funny looking thing, with a huge head because it had been out so long.

About 30 minutes later his brother arrived, looking much more like a normal lamb.


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