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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Monday, 1 October 2012

First day on Holiday: Boat

So, I'm currently sitting on the top deck of a P&O ferry, I think it's called the Pride of Hull... Though it could be the pride of Rotterdam... We're somewhere off the coast of Holland, and its 5:30 in the morning. Sadly I don't have a phone with GPS so I don't know exactly.....
We're on our way to Rotterdam, and should be arriving in a couple of hours. We've been traveling all night from Hull where we started out last night at about 7:45pm. It's been pretty smooth sailing, the sea looks flat from up here (it's about 30m to the water from here.. Is quite high up...) there is a bit of a, what feels like a North Westerly wind, though I don't know the heading if the boat, but its not causing much swell. The bunks are pretty small and well, adequate...
I'm sitting on the "SunDeck" which is at the top of the boat, overlooking the ocean as it slides by, the moon is on my right hand side, and I can see the light it casts on the ocean.
I'll be honest the iPad camera is a bit rubbish...
Well, I've just moved over to the other side of the boat, Port side, and one inside because its freaking freezing... I can see the beginnings of a sunrise to the east, which tells me we're on a course of about 150... Roughly south for ye scurvy landlubbers, or people who don't know how many angles there are in a circle.... (360 by the way.... 360/0 being North, going around clockwise, 90 being east, 180 being South, 270 being West...) ... Sunrise:
We're passing, what by the anti collision lights appears to be a pyramid.... But on closer inspection as it moves into the light on the sea it seems to be a tanker ship, and now we've caught the bow wave a bit and are rocking gently back. And forth, can't be more than 1 degree over.

So, we've just had an announcement over the intercom that its 7 in the morning local time, in 3 languages... Poor Ulli, she's still asleep in our bunk.. Not anymore me thinks...

Well, we'll be arriving in port in a couple of hours, where I'll try and save and send this...somehow. Wifi anyone? So, good morning world

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