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Thursday, 28 June 2012

We went to see the Olympic torch in Whitby…

So, I’ve finally got some free time to update this dear blog of mine, so I’m just going through my photographs to see what I’ve actually been doing, this is the top of the list…


So, we set off at 8:50 from Botton to go to Sandsend to see the torch as it went through at 9:30… Sadly it takes more than that to get there, and dispite my bestefforts to fly faster than the speed of sound in a people carrier, we got stuck behind huge amounts of traffic:


The torch is somewhere in front of us!

Anyways, thanks to some sneaky driving, and a bit of knowlege of the roads in Whitby I managed to get around in front of the torch as it went down one side of Pannet park, and I went down the other. I got stuck in traffic at the bottom of the hill by Bagdale, but all my passengers jumped out and ran off to see the torch. After they’d seen it my mum came back and relieved me of driving, my clutch foot was getting tired, so I grabbed my 300mm lens and ran off to see if I could find a decent vantage point.

The torch was supposed to be getting on the train, so I got behind the station into the Coop carpark, and stood on a bin, and was able to get some shots of the torch with the big zoom lens:


The guy in the suit must’ve got a better picture, but he was with the press, so that’s cheating….

A lot of crowds turned out to see the torch too: image

And I got one final shot of the torch bearing train:


There was another guy from the press I’m guessing, not sure, he had a very expensive camera… He decided he was going to get a shot from the rails, but a policeman saw him and he got a good bollocking.

The only downside was that I jumped over a bin and then a railing straight after, landed badly and bust my knee…

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