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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Metro 2033 Completed

So, on Monday I bought Metro 2033, it was on sale on Steam, for £3.71. Bargain, loaf of bread and a couple pints of milk worth, organic bread and milk mind, but still, cheapish. I wasn’t sure when I would be able to play it, seeing as I’m on a new course. Turns out I was in luck, or not so, I got ill. This gave me a couple days of being unable to walk about, or do anything, so I thought I should just haul my ass over to the computer and complete it.
So, it took me 9 hours, with a couple of rage quits, to complete. Overall, my impressions of this game are good though it is creepy as hell in places! Really eerie. I think it was made by some people who used to work on the original STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. Metro2033 2011-10-13 16-17-01-69
==Possible Spoilers ==
This STALKER connection does seem to show in places, and I don't mean the simple fact that they’re both set around Russia and the Eastern Bloc. The first one I noticed was the fact that when you ascend to the surface with “Bourbon” he refers to “Stalkers” and “stashes”…. Got to be a reference to STALKER?
The second, was not so much to STALKER, but to the scene and the community, a reference to  Arkady and Boris Strugatsky and their famous (in STALKER communities) book, Roadside Picnic.
Metro2033 2011-10-13 16-20-14-98
With regards to the storyline, something I care most about, overall I did like it. No real twists, I could’ve seen how the story would've played out if given the main points: Big bad monsters you never really see, a home place, main character, and some missiles… Pretty much sums it up… Make some friends, friends die, monsters die… The end. Not to say I didn't enjoy it! Despite a mildly predictable storyline, it was well executed. The characters were well voiced and likable. Ulman was a legend, made some amusing jokes. Khan was a very cool character, he would be a very useful companion if STALKER was real, or Metro 2033 for that matter. The level Ghosts was really quite eerie, and very cool, has the atmosphere of the original STALKER, SOC.
Graphics are very good, well, grimy and nice. I do like it. There is always something out there with better graphics than something else, but hey, I’m a storyline over graphics person.
Metro2033 2011-10-13 16-20-59-21
So for me, graphics were top notch. Storyline was very enjoyable, and that is all that counts. So overall, I’d give this game an 8 or 9 out of 10. Lets say:
Would I play it again? Yea, I think I would. There are achievements for this game that are worth a go at trying to get. Creepy game

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