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Notice to YSPilots/YSFLIGHT
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Friday, 12 March 2010

Amusing things from my phone….

On my travels my phone and camera never leave my side, as a result I’ve accumulated a few pictures I find rather amusing, I therefore decided to share them with anyone who is interested.
Here they are:
The bit to note here: The more you spend… the more free tiles you get! ….. Isnt that… in general…. the theory behind purchasing things… The more money you spend the more you get? So no… they’re not free… they just cost a bit less… Anyway
This is totally bizarre…Seen outside a sweetshop in Redcar, North Yorkshire (Well, Redcar and Cleveland) Ho Ho Ho Happy Easter?!
In a bathroom in a town somewhere in South Africa….not sure we just stopped to use the bog…. “Please do not steal our flowers”…… Damn! I wanted to and all!

This is nuts! taken on the plane on the way back… $10 per minute!!!!! Holy crap! Unless its with the president or god, I’m not paying that much!
“Divers, Please use discretion when undressing” :-)
Taken in Browns Bay, Newcastle. There is apparently a story behind this… But I cant quite remember how it went…
Also taken in South Africa. The bit to note: Orange & Apple or Pear…. Apple OR Pear?! OR?! “We’re not sure.. so you wont be able to tell either”?!
Threesome bars :-) Kay, Wendy and I had a Threesome.. each!

This next one was taken in the Dive 2009 festival/show:
“No Diving!” ….At a DIVE SHOW?! In the diving try dive pool too :-) Maybe its due to the shark in the background!

University of Glamorgan has the Matrix! and isn't very secret about it…
Good old days of Aircraft Maintenance! Whilst bored APO.Vivek and I decided we’d mock up what we’d be doing over the weekend.. playing “Baaatle field, nineteen hundred, forty two” happy days
Think thats it! If I find anymore I’ll be sure to upload them!

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