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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Visit to the National Botanic Garden of Wales

Should probably have posted this earlier!
On the 2nd March IWB squadron and the students from Biology squadron took a coach up to Carmarthen to pay a visit to the NBGW. I dont have time to write, in full, what happened, so I'll summerise:
After the coach arrived at the NBGW we headed up to the Great Glass House, the biggest free standing glasshouse in the world (the eden project doesnt count, theirs is plastic, HAHA in your face Eden Project!)
In here we had a tour around the Fynbos vegetation and into the other Mediteranian areas, Chille, California, the Med, and South Africa. We then had a tea break with rather good welsh cakes and a talk on the work being done at NBGW, then it was time for lunch in the Cafe.
Since there was such a wide range of main meals avaialble and I couldnt choose which I wanted I decided to skip the main course and just have the different cakes. A none to bad choise to be fair!
After this it was back to the glasshouse to do our own research on the Fynbos vegetation before we were extracted and returned to base.
Mission report ends 1755 Zulu
Pictures from Top:
House Sparrow in the courtyard of the Cafe
The glasshouse
SAMR by my camera

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